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  June 2018  
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Summer Missions Team
Leader: Mrs. Bonnie Carter

A Life Changed

Student Summer Missions 2015

Bonnie Carter

I believe this has been the busiest summer yet.  Every summer is busy in this ministry, but this year we added a new Mission Trip to Washington DC, which brought about a whole lot more planning and preparing.  So with this being our 10th summer serving our Association’s churches, The Missouri Baptist Convention, S.A.L.T. Community Church in Anola, Manitoba Canada and new church plant Pillar DC in Washington DC what best describes this summer Life Changing. Yes when the team is asked what it means to be on the team the resounding word is life changing.

  • Life changing in that their relationship with Christ is strengthened by depending on Jesus to do the ministry every week. Because of this dependency they are praying and studying God’s word more. Also they are depending on those serving with them to encourage and hold them accountable to God’s call on their life.
  • Life changing because of the people, especially children, God places in their lives. Many come from heart breaking situations. Which cause us to see a bigger picture than our own world.
  • Life changing when they have their first opportunity to share the gospel message with someone and even more so when that person accepts Christ.
  • Life changing when God impacts their lives so much that strongholds are broken and they experience God’s unmeasured Grace and freedom.
  • Life changing when God calls them to His plan for their life. Be it called to missions, full time ministry, or future career.
  • Life changing because the team knows their life will never be the same.

This year’s team consisted of 10 High School Students, Sydney Champ (Carpenter Street), Christy and Matthew Goff (FBC Fayette),Nate Gard,  Hannah Griggs, and Taylor Ludwick (North Park), Michael Hammond (FBC Paris), Lynzee Sunderland, Brian and Rebekah Walker (FBC Huntsville) and  MBC Summer Missionary Shelby DeTienne (FBC Paris).

The team served in 11 VBS’s, 3 mission trips to Branson, Washington DC and Winnipeg Canada. We saw 25 salvations, and numerous other decisions throughout the summer. 

As I mentioned earlier we went to Washington DC and served with a new Church Plant Pillar DC. It is part of the Praetorian Project whose goal is to plant Pillar Churches near every Marine Base in the world. Pillar DC is planting near The Marine Barracks in Northeast Washington DC.  While we were there we did our first Performing Arts Camp, where we had classes in dance, music and drama (using scenes from “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis).  We also taught the children the gospel message through improvisation.  At the end of the week we had a performance for the parents.  Our hearts were broken when many of the children we work with did not know what prayer was or who Jesus was and this is in our Nation’s Capital. We also canvassed the surrounding neighborhoods inviting people to Pillar DC and making contacts for the church to follow up with.  Some of our team also helped clean at a local school.  The team has already been asked back next year and the church we stayed at Pillar Woodlawn has asked us to come do a Performing Arts Camp there next year also.

Our other two mission trips were to Branson where we did the kids and youth classes for MB125, a Pastor and Staff Conference for churches with 125 or less in membership. This was our 6th year serving with the Missouri Baptist Convention in this ministry. This year we put together our own program on God’s Amazing Creation and taught the kids about the Creation Story and how to determine the age of the earth using scriptures. We had classes in Bible, Science, Crafts, Games and Snacks.  Some of the biggest blessings on this trip come from helping our states ministry staff kids with things that they deal with because their parents are in the ministry and giving them an opportunity to go deeper in their walk with Christ.  Also doing this every year we have some of the same children so we have built relationships with them and their parents.

Our last trip was to S.A.L.T. Community of Believers in Anola, Manitoba Canada. This is was our 5th year serving with them through VBS. We had one of the best attended VBS’s at the church and the children were excited and once again we saw kids we have worked with over the years and they are so excited that we keep coming back. This has also allowed us to build trusting relationships with them. Most of the children come from extremely broken and hard home lives.  Many of the children were asking lots of questions and we even got to share about the importance of Biblical marriage.  Every year we go to Canada we are reminded that because of what we are doing the church meets new families. We stayed at Tabor Baptist Church in Winnipeg and because of that relationship we are in the process of sending a team up in a few weeks to put a roof on a mission house and some work around the church.

From this ministry we are seeing many of the team serving in their churches through children and preschoolers ministries, being a part of a worship team, sharing their faith at school and more.

I am always amazed how God takes a group of willing and committed young people and does things only He can do through them.  That’s what He asks all of us; to commit our life’s to Him totally and then let Him work through us.  The Team and I are so thankful for our Association’s support of this ministry. It is because of all of you that we can accomplish God’s huge task.